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American Academy of Ophthalmology – (415) 561-8500

Amsler Grid – The Amsler Grid is for patients with macular disease (such as macular degeneration) to monitor vision on a regular basis between office visits.  Instructions on proper usage are provided in the link.  If there are any changes in vision from baseline, your ophthalmologist should be notified right away.

EyeCare America – A public service program to help provide access to free and reduced-price eye care.

EyeSmart – Information on eye health and diseases.

EyeWiki – An eye encyclopedia written by ophthalmologists covering a wide spectrum of eye disease, diagnosis, and treatment.

Foundation Fighting Blindness – (800) 683-5555

The Glaucoma Foundation – (212) 285-0080

Glaucoma Research Foundation – (800) 826-6693

The Lighthouse – An organization dedicated to fighting vision loss through prevention, treatment, and empowerment of patients with low vision and blindness.

Lions Eye Clinic – The Virginia Lions Eye Clinic provides eye care services to indigent patients who do not have any medical insurance.  The clinic is based in Fairfax Hospital and relies on volunteer ophthalmologists who dedicate their time and efforts to meet the needs of the community.

Low Vision Services – Vision rehabilitation services to aid individuals with low vision.  Such patients are provided with resources such as specialized low vision lenses, magnifiers, and other devices to help cope better with their visual impairment and perform various tasks more easily.

Macular Degeneration Foundation – (888) 633-3937

Macular Degeneration Partnership – (888) 430-9898

National Eye Institute (NIH) – (301) 496-5248

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